Your Voice Matters: St Austell Speaks on the General Election

to the left; a red background with white text that reads: general election 2024, your voice matters, St Austell speaks. to the right; CHAOS Radio journalist is interviewing a gentleman in a grey suit.

CHAOS Radio, St Austell’s Community Radio Station (formally Radio St Austell Bay) is excited to announce a special broadcast, ‘General Election 2024: Your Voice Matters’.

This engaging and informative programme aims to make politics accessible to everyone, providing the local community in St Austell with a platform to express their concerns and understand how political party manifestos will impact their daily lives.

Viewers will be able to watch the broadcast on Thursday, 27th June between 8pm and 9pm, exactly one week before polling day on July 4th. This timely event is designed to assist the undecided electorate by offering clear and balanced insights into the policies of the political parties who could be representing them in parliament.

General Election 2024: Your Voice Matters aims to:

· Empower the St Austell community by giving them a voice in political discussions

· Clarify political party manifestos, putting them in context for the average person

· Discuss the real-life impact these policies will have on daily life

· Encourage informed voting, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to learn about the key issues affecting the community

This initiative is designed to be easily accessible, with a format that invites community participation and engagement. We are committed to ensuring that everyone in St Austell can become informed and involved in the political process.

We are also calling on members of the public to get involved. If you are passionate about sharing your views on key issues affecting our local community, and are comfortable being on camera, we invite you to participate. Interested individuals are encouraged to email Those interested must be available on Tuesday, 25th June 2024 for filming.

While we may not be able to respond to all submissions due to time constraints, your opinions will be invaluable in shaping the content of our programme.

Join us for this special broadcast and be part of the movement that make politics accessible and engaging for all. Your voice truly matters.

The broadcast is being produced by CHAOS Digital, our community media partner and will be available to stream on Thursday, 27th June from 20.00 at and across our social media channels including Facebook, X and YouTube.