Sally Carter

We are excited that Sally Carter will be rejoining us this spring with her Sunday morning Americana show.

Sal is a mum of three, grew up in St Austell and, after many years as a stay at home mother, qualified as a legal executive in family law in her early fifties. Never write her off! She has been involved in community radio for 11 or 12 years now, having done stints at Radio St Austell Bay, The Hub at Tregony, CHBN at Truro, back to Radio St Austell Bay, and now as part of the CHAOS crew. She and husband Gavin are now typical soppy dog owners, having welcomed cockerpoo puppy Molly into the family a couple of years ago.

Sal’s show brings a great mix of the wide variety of music that comprises Americana – including country, roots music, bluegrass, blues/rock, folk, and plenty of contemporary alternative tracks that now also class as Americana. Boundaries are flexible, but it’s all great stuff, especially if you love harmonies, lyrics, stories and outstanding musicianship – and hopefully discovering some new favourites along the way.